The Orion Trust Enhancing Your Business is Our Business
"The success of the thought-provoking team- building session conducted by you was manifested in the most creative involvement I have ever seen from our Board when we met to plan. I truly wish you could have been there to hear the comments related to innovative thought, teamwork and collaboration while revising our one-year plan. Evidence of the previous day's activities were clearly apparent."

William G. Dresser
Chapter Chairman
American Red Cross

Exploring new vistas and capabilities...
Beyond Creativity to Innovation

In today's – and tomorrow's – world of business, innovation is no longer a nicety, but a core necessity. Long gone are the days of solely incremental improvement; in our global economy, the pace of new services and products must be relentless and ever more rapid.

It is well documented now – our formal educational system (and oft-times our very own organization) systematically stifles innate creativity. The painful result, and negative impact, on the bottom line is that our ability to be innovative (whether as individual contributors, or as leaders) is severely cramped.

If ever there was a time to "re-invent" ourselves, and the way we do "business", it is now. The luxury of waiting no longer exists, and the opportunities for fresh thinking and vibrant application for those that choose to do so, are immense.

We will work with you to explore the implications of our frenetic global economy, and then delve into the nature of creativity, and the fundamental forces that fuel innovation. Using a wide range of illuminating “hands on” projects, invigorating conversations, and thoughtful introspection, we help you to identify creative new avenues that ensure your business keeps growing, and stays healthy - and extremely competitive.

In our hyper-competitive, 24/7 world, finding - and nurturing - creative "intellectual capital" is a quintessential necessity for any organization that is serious about shaping the future... and passionate about its own destiny.