The Orion Trust Enhancing Your Business is Our Business
"While gaining insights and learning much from The Orion Trust, our students invariably have fun doing so - whether they are seasoned executives, or recent undergraduates."

Edward A. Moses, Ph.D.
Dean Emeritus
Crummer Graduate
School of Business
Rollins College, Florida

"Your company has helped us take a giant stride forward. We expect to continue our relationship with The Orion Trust and have you help us down this path. We want to keep this momentum going and will look to you to help us set the course."

John Jones
Executive Vice President
D. C. I.
Charting a course to enhance your organizational effectiveness.  
Navigating a Successful EnterpriseNavigating a successful enterprise requires skill, insight, creativity and teamwork. For senior executives to supervisors, our programs have the power to focus on the development of an individual's leadership and team skills, and a proven capacity for complementing more traditional learning methods.

Enhancing your business is our business. The Orion Trust specializes in adapting and applying both indoor and outdoor-based development techniques for each of our clients' unique goals and culture to increase competitive performance and overall productivity.

We create high-impact, experientially-driven interventions and consulting services to enhance individual and organizational effectiveness. In an ever-expanding field, where the skills and talents of Providers may often be hard to determine, we offer you a proven track record of


The distinctiveness of The Orion Trust lies in our range of expertise - and continual innovation - in both the design and facilitation of our highly customized corporate programs.

We welcome the opportunity to assess your needs, and explore with you how we can assist you and your associates in developing your organizational capacity to strategize effectively and to forge ahead successfully in our increasingly competitive, exciting and complex world.

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