The Orion Trust Enhancing Your Business is Our Business
"Thank you for your extensive efforts to develop and customize the programs to meet our specific needs, as well as for your leadership during our Orion Trust programs."

Sam Showah
Director, Operations Planning
Honeywell Information Systems, Inc.

Building your own ship...
In-House Applications for Clients

Organizations often seek to incorporate innovative, experience-based programs and components directly "in-house". We can supply your organization with training and resources to effectively set up, deliver and facilitate appropriate modules or complete "hands-on" programs.

We are always delighted to consult with our corporate clients regarding overall program design, or the provision of specific components explicitly created to be effective in enhancing and reinforcing organizational learning and performance strategies. When you need help and advice with your teambuilding or leadership development requirements, or need to ramp up the creativity and innovation in your organization, we are ready to work with you.

In addition, we consult with other nationally recognized Providers of experience-based development programs to enhance the quality and effectiveness of the services that they, in turn, offer to their own business clients. This work usually includes a turnkey approach of the design, delivery, and initial facilitation of programs for various client Providers.