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"The lessons are tangible. Individuals now work together better, more smoothly. When times are tough, they pull together as a team."

Richard Powers
Culinova Group Incorporated

Capable hands at the organizational helm...
High Performance Leadership

In times of crisis and confusion, it is the leadership of an organization that must provide the necessary clarity of vision, direction, and motivation to consistently achieve outstanding results.

Individuals seldom receive formal leadership development. The opportunity to experiment with the nuances of effective leadership in a variety of practical situations, combined with quality coaching and feedback, is fundamental to an individual's professional development.

By focusing on both content and process, Orion programs highlight the essentials of leadership. Through a series of increasingly complex projects, individuals learn to stretch and broaden their leadership abilities by planning and delegating effectively, enhancing their communication skills, and building motivation within a high-performance team.

Against a background of an interactive, multi-dimensional exploration of the art and application of effective leadership, we introduce real situations requiring commitment and genuine decision-making.

Learning, awareness and understanding are reinforced as people are increasingly able to perform more positively, clearly and creatively as Visionaries, Coaches, and organizational Leaders.