The Orion Trust Enhancing Your Business is Our Business
"The Orion Trust was undoubtedly instrumental in making our annual Public Relations Forum an outstanding success – your use of the outdoors was particularly effective in meeting our goals."

Linda Crabbe
Sales Promotions Manager
Darden Restaurants, Inc.

Identifying settings that meet your needs...
Orion Locations

As an organization focusing on development and performance, The Orion Trust works with the natural environment in a thought-provoking, illuminating, and challenging manner.

In collaboration with our clients, we identify a neutral setting that is conducive to significant learning, and the dismantling of the barriers that often hamper many organizations.

Based on your particular requirements and objectives, we will gladly make site recommendations, including international locations. We work closely with you in identifying program sites that simultaneously inspire and support a climate for thoughtful ~ and productive ~ learning.

Founded on the understanding that the environment in which we work can profoundly impact the quality of the outcomes and the nature of our relationships, an appropriate off-site setting is important. Typical sites we utilize around the United States include mountain lodges, islands off the Florida coast, wilderness areas, and various conference centers.

If appropriate, we will also arrange components such as white-water rafting and sailboat-based programs at selected locations. However, if feasible, we would be delighted to explore the advantages of working at your preferred site, if needs be.

Our primary desire and focus is to work with you to identify an appropriate program location that supports your culture, your objectives and your budgetary requirements, while taking great care of as many details as you wish in a “turn-key” approach. This enables you to focus on the more important elements of your offsite session ~ growth, learning, development, and increased performance.