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"I want to thank you for a job well done. Our experience-based "in the woods" training was an excellent learning experience. I appreciate your help in making our off-site experience a meaningful one. We look forward to working with The Orion Trust in the future."

Senior Manager
Harris Semiconductor

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Orion Program Formats

Our sessions dramatically reduce the time required for substantive learning.Our sessions dramatically reduce the time required for substantive learning. The very nature of interactive and engaging simulations makes it one of the best vehicles for sustained leadership, the fostering of innovation, and rapid team development.

The Orion Trust provides programs that are both catalysts for learning and powerful vehicles for addressing organizational goals. Results our clients frequently request include:

Building Team EffectivenessBuilding Team Effectiveness
Enhancing Leadership PerformanceEnhancing Leadership Performance
Improving Collaboration and CommunicationImproving Collaboration and Communication
Developing Creative Problem-solving StrategiesDeveloping Creative Problem-solving Strategies

In close consultation with you, we determine the goals and process for your programs, and custom-design them for maximum effectiveness. The Orion Trust conducts assessments and interviews before any programs - as well as Pilot and Follow-up programs - when appropriate.

Our multi-faceted program components significantly enhance interpersonal and communication skills by clearly focusing on critical decisions and relationships. Programs typically vary in length from one to three days; the duration of each is based on factors such as program purpose, desired deliverables, location, content, and budgetary considerations.

An Orion program catalyses change and development. We often design and facilitate programs to work effectively with an in-house development team, or in alliance with other appropriate consultants. As well as various in-house applications, three crucial performance areas our Clients often require are: