The Orion Trust Enhancing Your Business is Our Business
"I was very impressed by your organization's positive blend of management insights and outdoor skills."

Russell Ellis
District Manager
Southern Bell Corporation

Building your own ship...
Orion Trust Purpose and Values

Ultimately, it is people that make the difference between mediocre and superior organizational performance. The Orion Trust is committed to providing innovative programs and solutions that enhance the effectiveness of your organization, and the contributions of your associates.

Our purpose is to work with our clients to develop the vision and skills they need to be effective in an ever-changing world. We strive to establish collaborative, long-term partnerships with our clients by providing solutions to their business needs and priorities.

In creating each program, we work closely with you to select the right process, overall content, activities, components and formats expressly designed to meet your particular goals and objectives, regardless of the size of your company.

The values that drive The Orion Trust include sustained levels of excellence in the design, delivery and facilitation of our programs, utmost concern for the well-being of individuals, respect for the needs of ~ and a commitment to ~ the success of our clients.

We resolve to operate with complete integrity, professionalism and fiscal responsibility, while making the support of your important business objectives our unequivocal priority.