The Orion Trust Enhancing Your Business is Our Business
"We have benefited from our experiences. Your thoughtful selection of exercises and flawless facilitation really helped the Board start the year as a cohesive team."

Mark Morgan - Past President
Central Florida Chapter
American Society for Training & Development

"Your ideas have become a Best Practice Model, and have added value to our training methods. In fact, we were so impressed with your results that we have incorporated your ideas, and suggestions, into our own Teambuilding Workshops."

Bill McLaughlin
President and Co-CEO
Vistana East, Inc.
Achieving goals that support your strategies...
Orion Results

Our programs equip and encourage men and women to put theories into solid practice. Your hands-on experiences are not only highly enjoyable - they are memorable and challenging on intellectual, emotional, and physical levels.

When coupled with the powerful relevance of our metaphoric simulations, these key components accelerate learning and increase performance to directly benefit the health and profitability of your organization.

Experience-based programs ensure long-term impact, enhance retention of learning, and result in individuals committed to make positive changes back in the work setting.

The adjacent model graphically illustrates this four-step building process:

The quality, depth, and relevance of our frequent review sessions generate key insights, learning, and the impetus for your associates to apply these on returning to your organization. We strive to build long-term partnerships with our clients while integrating our programs into a more extended strategy to help build towards your company's vision through enhanced performance.

The bottom line?

Individuals will return to their working environment with a greater understanding of appropriate actions, and the skills and confidence to apply these to new and better ways of fueling your business for the future...