The Orion Trust Enhancing Your Business is Our Business
"By tailoring the program to meet the specific needs of our group, Brian was able to help us through a difficult reorganization transition period and start us on our way to becoming a very effective team."

Ric Rocca
Vice President
Marriott Education Services

Making the journey into the new millennium together...
Building Team Effectiveness

We work with you in meshing diverse performers into a formidable force. Both skills and talents are a necessity in today's global business world. We work with you in meshing diverse performers into a formidable force. The impact of an Orion program the shared exhilaration, mutual support, and learning is in itself a powerful team-builder.

More importantly, the structured interventions of our staff encourage working groups to challenge the evasions and compromises that are sometimes the price paid by a team for the appearance of cohesion and success.

An effective team displays particular attributes: its members are committed to common goals, and an esprit de corps extends across different functional lines. High levels of trust prevail, individuals are empowered, and ideas and information are communicated freely throughout the organization. The Orion Trust can help you create the level of awareness and synergy necessary for these attributes to thrive.

By engaging in a series of shared experiences and through carefully facilitated dialogue, program participants identify and develop the critical components of effective teamwork and create strategies to boost organizational performance.