The Orion Trust Enhancing Your Business is Our Business
"You were able to accommodate our educational objectives while ensuring that our students came away with real experiences that helped them develop skills that were immediately useful in the class and - I am sure – when they returned to work... I would highly recommend your services without a moment of reservation."

Dr. Craig McAllaster, Dean
Crummer Graduate School of Business
Rollins College

"The Orion Trust was undoubtedly instrumental in making our annual Public Relations Forum an outstanding success - your use of the outdoors was particularly effective in meeting our goals."

Linda Crabbe
Sales Promotions Manager
Darden Restaurants, Inc.

Selected Testimonials
"Your ideas have become a Best Practice Model and have added value to our training methods. In fact, we were so impressed with your results that we have incorporated your ideas and suggestions into our own Teambuilding Workshops."

Bill McLaughlin, President and Co-CEO, Vistana East, Inc.

"I have been using experiential learning consultants for over ten years, and The Orion Trust shines as a top example."

Cindy Durning, Staffing Manager, St. Petersburg Times

"Your company has helped us take a giant stride forward. We expect to continue our relationship with The Orion Trust and have you help us down this path. We want to keep this momentum going and will look to you to help us set the course."

John Jones, Executive Vice President, D.C.I.

"The success of the thought-provoking team-building session conducted by you was manifested in the most creative involvement I have ever seen from our Board when we met to plan. I truly wish you could have been there to hear the comments related to innovative thought, teamwork and collaboration while revising our one-year plan. Evidence of the previous day’s activities was clearly apparent."

William Dresser, Chapter Chairman, American Red Cross

"The Orion Staff was knowledgeable and professional as they helped to develop both team and leadership skills. Many of our 250 attendees left the conference with a renewed commitment to meeting company goals and the encouragement to try more creative approaches to problem solving. We couldn’t have attained the positive and motivational impact without The Orion Trust."

Mike Baur, President and CEO, ScanSource, Inc.

"Our success and the positive experiences have resulted from the wonderful kickoff Retreat that you helped facilitate. We want to thank you for setting the stage for this excellent experience."

Mary Poole, EXCEL Director, University of South Florida

"As a direct result of your program design, our senior managers have begun to build trust in each other and work more effectively as a team. Additionally, I have found our team communicating with each other in an open and honest manner. This was not the case prior to this program."

Human Resources Vice President, Sun Trust

"I want to thank you for a job well done. Our experience-based "in the woods" training was an excellent learning experience. I appreciate your help in making our off-site experience a meaningful one. We look forward to working with you in the future."

Senior Manager, Harris Semiconductor

"By tailoring the program to meet the specific needs of our group, Brian was able to help us through a difficult reorganization transition period and start us on our way to becoming a very effective team."

Ric Rocca, Vice President, Marriott Education Services